Fragrance Oils?
Fragrance is normally comprised of a blend of natural and synthetic aromatic components, and is usually used at less than 1% but can actually be used in higher concentrations for more aromatic products.
Even though our products contain very little fragrance, all of our fragrances are tested skin safe at 100% Concentrations.

Naming a Fragrance

As any manufacturer of fragrance or perfume will tell you - they can sometimes use hundreds of different fragrant components to craft any single fragrance and to list every one of those components within a single INCI (Chemical name) Would amount to a six-liniar-foot-long-name containing about a hundred syllables.

For this reason The INCI Board craftily put aside the name "Fragrance and Parfum" to cover all combinations of these aromatics.

What's In Fragrance?

We have contacted every manufacturer of fragrance oil and not a single one will give us their exact formulations - no real surprise there as these blends take years to develop - but the standard reply tends to be. "A blend of natural essential oils and skin safe synthetic fragrance components".

There's Always an Alternative to Fragrance.

As a more natural skin care manufacturer we do also offer a natural choice of aromatics. These aromatics comprise of an ever growing list of 100% natural essential oils which can be used to scent your choice of many of our products.
So, If you are looking for a natural alternative to products scented with "fragrance", this may be what you are looking for. However, as these essential oils can cost Substantially more than Fragrance oils, products fragranced with essential oils will likely carry a higher price tag.

Fragrance Getting Confusing??

We have heard of rumors that "There is a Preservative out there with INCI name "Fragrance"?

This is incredibly confusing to everybody we have talked to about this and we are actively seeking out sources of these preservative components:

What causes the confusion is that Basically - A compound that wishes to be used as a preservative has to be tested safe for it's use by independent governmental agencies. In the cosmetic industry you can't use any compound defined as a "Preservative" within your product which is not listed within Annex VI Part 1 or 2 of the EEC Cosmetic Derivative. And within this listing all preservatives have their own unique name to distinguish them from each other.

This listing reads like a telephone directory, but in essence it is an encyclopedic listing of considered safe preservatives, how they work within a formulation and at what safe levels. Most importantly, all of these listed preservatives are independently safety tested.

We searched this listing and the INCI name Database and carried out extensive internet research and could not find ANY EEC listed preservatives with an INCI approved name of "Fragrance"

However. (you may want to start chewing on some willow bark here)

Technically Speaking.

A person could use natural fragrant extracts which normally fall under a perfumery descriptive, which may show preservative attributes and are not listed within Annex VI Part 1 or 2 of the EEC Cosmetic Derivative, To preserve thier products.

For Example:
If a fragrant essential oil used in perfumery has components that can be isolated for their anti-microbial properties, you can use this natural derivative of an essential fragrance within your formulations and list it within an ingredient panel as a fragrance and not a preservative.

Simply Put - There are fragrances out there that are being used as preservatives as they are not legally defined within the cosmetic industry as a preservative.

What to do...

Basically - any commercial product that contains any form of water or water carrying substances (juice, tea, distillates etc.) Or contains oils that have a short shelf life. Needs preservation. This is not a choice but an unfortunate requirement.

If after looking at an ingredient listing which contains no apparent preservative. Research all listed ingredients and then (if you still cannot identify the preservative) you should definitely ask some pretty searching questions of the manufacturer of the product.

We figure that for the time being - Until the EEC plugs a few holes in their definition of the term "preservative" or Until the INCI cracks down on what can and cannot be listed as a Fragrance or Parfum - The only way to find out if a "preservative free" product contains any of these "Fragrance/preservative components" would be to ask a manufacturer if they are using any of the following "fragrances" or brands of fragrances within their formulations.

Naticide® - nothing is known about the compounds used in this ingredient
Conarom H-3®- a blend of PPG-2 methylether, piperonal and phenylpropanol
Conarom E® - a blend of PPG-2 methylether, piperonal and phenylethanol
Conarom P® - a blend of phenylethanol, caprylyl glycol and trideceth-8

All of the above may be listed under the "blanket" name of Fragrance or Parfum.

(We will add more as we find them) Find One? Contact us

As Always - We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. So, If you need any further information regarding our products please feel free to contact us.

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