Below we have published some of your unsolicited comments regarding our products and services. We appreciate all of your kind words and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers...

Just received your order and it is exquisite as expected.  This order expanded my horizons on your high quality, delicately scented (not overbearing) hand creams that are so very appreciated, and which I can only find with you. Delighted with your product!

WOW!! You know I have ordered from you quite a few times already and although I don't sell in bulk these are the absolute best products I have ever used in my life! I will be a lifetime customer and you're solid perfumes are dreamy! Even my husband loves thm on me and he's not a big perfume fan. Dont know what other word to use, they are amazing!! I have about 20 of them now and I'm sure I will order more lol! I have soaps, lotions, body oils and creams and I wouldn't part with these or buy any other products ever again!! You guys are truly amazing! Keep up the great work please!!

... I will be ordering these products as Christmas presents and I am a lifetime time customer!! Thank you so much for quality beautiful products at an affordable price and the shipping is fast too! Anytime I'm able I am going to order : ). Eventually I will have one of everything you make!! My skin looks better, I smell great and I just can't say enough great things about your products! Thank you!!

I formulate, make and sell handmade my own line of natural face & body care products with the goal of providing quality and affordable products rich with biologically active ingredients found in nature. I specialize in creating products that provide the essential added nutrients required for optimizing the radiance and health of maturing skin. Since I have found you my small home-based 'hobby-business' has been made so much easier as I now order and combine your gallon size bulk bases and add my proprietary blends of carrier and EO's to customize my product lines AND have begun ordering  the unscented 8 oz. lotions w/o labels then add my label and double my profit with each and every sale!

Ok... I got lotions, oils, creams and soap to go with my natural solid perfumes.   If one can fall in LOVE with their new natural line than I sm head over heels!!!!    ALL of my products...Beautiful!!!!   Lifetime customer thank you  : D

Each year we use this product to make lotion for our church auction. It is a real hit with our tiny rural congregation. Thank you very much!

May your business prosper--such great products! Love the hemp cream...Good service, too...Thank you

I must tell you that your products, all of which I have tried. Butters and lotions have been exceptional. I've tried many products for my small day spa and yours always outperforms the competition. I'm in love with your Goat milk butter. Your Silk & Shea was the first I tried 3 years ago from a friend. I suffered from a seizure Summer 2011 and could not remember the company name and info. On top of it all the business computer system failed completely. We lost much info including yours. Thankfully, after a thorough internet search the words: goat milk butter base bulk - showed your name and website. I am so happy to find you. I'm down to my last 4 oz and really wanted to develop a new body treatment for the spa and could not do it with confidence without your product. Thank you for the many years of pride and determination in your company and your products. I look forward to a long term relationship with you. Sincerely and Loyally yours

Thanks for your wonderful products and great service!

have never seen this kind of soap. It feels different than the other natural/organic soaps. This soap looks like glass. ;-) This is new to me. I really like this soap because it has alot of lather!!! It feels soft, silky, and smooth without dry and itchy. I ordered two soaps and see how it felt. Perfect. I am going to order more! The lotion, oh my goodness! I picked the county garden essential oil. It smells heavenly! It is soso powerful! It stays fresh on my skin all day/night. The other lotion, lavender glow, less powerful, and calm. I like both! I am going to order different fragrance/essential oils. The lotion did not make my skin feels itchy/dry. My skin feels sososo calm! Denham's Natural Founder, I love your products. They are wonderful!

Love your products

Thanks for such a wonderful product! My customers love them.

Please ship as quickly as possible. We have several backorders to fill. Thanks for a great product!

Honeysuckle is WONDERFUL!

You make the best lotion I've ever used and my customers love it!

Love your products and so do my customers.

Thanks for making Wonderful Products!

If you can let me know of a place where you would like me to go and "RAVE" about how great your SERVICE & PRODUCTS are, please let me know. I was blown away by both (and I have actually made soap in my lifetime) and would like as many others as possible to know about my super positive experience! You guys really rock!!

I was really skeptical about this purchase. I usually purchase Palmers Lotion for Dry Ashy Skin but I wanted to have it in gallon form. I purchased the cocoa butter (lotion) from Denham's and it is great! Somehow it is able to be creamy without being greasy. I don't get ashy at all throughout the day. I don't need to reapply. I thought the smell was a little strong (cocoa butter chocolaty) but it went away after a few minutes. This stuff is incredible!

.... Just a  note, skin ash is one of those problems which can also be tied to body chemistry as well as environment and skin type (which can make it a real pain to get rid of) so - just to be safe - please order samples before purchasing by the gallon :o) .... ..L.M.D.

Thank you so much! We love, love you and your products!!
Thank you for your wonderful product!
I was so happy to find you. I will be starting my new business soon. Your products are fantastic. I intend to get my own label and get going very soon. Thanks for being here. Don't go out of business. You are great to have around!

I'm officially the family's "Lotion Dealer." I found your website over a year ago during an online search for a healthy NATURAL lotion. I ended up buying a gallon of your unscented Aloe Basic Lotion (we're all a bunch of sensitive skin folks!) and am so satisfied with how nourishing it is. Such a wonderful mixture!!! I've shared it with family and friends, and now they're hooked too. Whenever they run out, they're over with their lotion bottles for a refill. Thanks for the 1oz pump too! It makes calculating the price per oz a breeze! Just last month, I ran out of lotion and my Mom freaked out. LOL Thank you for such a great product and I look forward to buying from you again in the future!!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing products out of your warehouse. I'm on my second drum of lotion and my clients are going crazy over it. I appreciate knowing that they are getting a good quality product. I've tried all of them....************, *** ****, etc....yours is the best.

I AM SO PLEASED! Silk & Shea Butter cream base is my personal favorite. My customers love it too but the younger 'folks' seem to have fallen in love with the Goats Milk Cream I enriched! YOU HAVE ANOTHER LONG TIME CUSTOMER HERE... Your customer service is very good and shipping was truly fast!... GREAT, GREAT PRODUCTS ! MUST TRY !!

I just wanted to say thank you for the products being sent to me in so short a time. I received them yesterday and love them ! the scents are great ! I'll be back for more !

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to find your site. I have spent countless hours researching all natural products and recipes and was really at a state of distrust and confusion and then somehow, magically, my search lead me to Denham's Naturals. I was excited from the minute I started and the more I look, the better it gets. I have found my answer, my site, my personal products, my future gifts and if all goes well my future income! Your stuff is amazing! Currently I am hooked on the green tea and tee tree cream and the shea lip balm! The rosehip cream was the best until I recieved the sample of the green tea cream, now it wins hands down. Even my husband loves the fresh smell. As soon as I figure out the particulars you'll be my #1 source. Until then I'll keep trying stuff for me! Thanks for all of the information you really have worked hard at providing anything any one could need to know. Look forward to all of my future purchases!

I was astonished at how quickly my order was shipped out to me and how quickly it arrived. Your products are wonderful at a truly great value. You could charge a whole lot more for your products but I am glad that you don't. :) Thank you for quick service and amazing products with lovely scents!

Great product! Will come back and will tell others to check you out! Thanks for a positive experience and the yummy scents!

Your products are amazing!!

I meant to add this message after placing my last order, but failed to do so. I just wanted you to know how wonderful I think your products are! I've been searching for all natural skin lotions and body care for a while now, and just haven't found what I was looking for...until now! Wow, your products are so unbelievably rich and emollient!! I've only just received my first order a short while ago, but think that I'm already addicted! I hope you never stop making these products!! :)

That Neroli just takes me away!!! Love it!!!

LOVE your products!

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with the speed of the service and the quality of your lotion and soap. It's just really hard to know what fragrance to try next! I have your website listed in my favorites and it will stay there as long as I have anything to say about it. Thank you for such nice service and fragrances.

It is always a pleasure doing business with you folks.

Absolutely the most well ordered site I have come across.Your no nonsense approach to the facts is greatly appreciated. I have learned a great deal by reading your site. Thanks

thanks for your wonderful skin care line!

Thank you for everything you have done! Wonderful products! We hope to do larger volumes on some projects this year.

I just want to THANK YOU for a great product! The Bulk Shea Butter Lotion that we bought is just what we were looking for! We'll be back for more! Keep up the good work!

I ordered some things from you a couple weeks ago, and I just had to let you know how much I love everything you make! especially your lilac scented body spray!!!! It smells soooo good! Everything does! The shea butter feels so good on my face! Please don't ever go out of business. I'll be back sometime to order more!! stuff. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Your violet scented lotion is amazing, it is unlike any other violet scent I have smelled and your shea lotion is a lovely skincare item. I called your customer service line as I did not receive a shipping notice for my order and the gentleman I spoke with was absolutely delightful to talk to. Thank you for quality products at a great price, fast shipping and personalized service!

RE: Unscented Shea Body Cream Base - I am in love with this product! It's paraben-free and Shea butter is one of the top ingredients; it doesn't get any better than that! And of course, it goes on wonderfully, is very moisturizing, and accepts fragrances very well. I love using this base because I know that I'm providing my customers with top quality body cream!

I absolutely love your goats milk lotion and so do my customers...just wanted you to know that.

I want to thank you for an excellent product. I have loved Frangipani for
many years and cannot find it anywhere in any product. My daughter in law
finally found it a couple of years ago by searching the internet and bought
me a few things from your company. I especially love the perfume as it is
easy to carry and gives just the right hint of fragrance. I will be
trying new fragrances out on my friends and daughters to see what they like.

I just want to say how wonderful your products are and I received many compliments on the " Violet" products I ordered. I referred them to your company and hope you get added business.

I love your products !!!

Hi, I have ordered from you before, and I really love your products... Time to order again... Thanks for your wonderful products, I hope to always buy from you. DON'T GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!

I had seen your commercial on tv a few years back, and found you on a Google search. I had purchased the soap and Shea lotion for my son who has skin problems we're still not sure of. I am amazed!!! The soap lathered up SOOO good and it rinsed away with surprising ease. At first I was a little leery because his skin was squeaky clean and of course I expected it to be dry. I toweled him dry and it felt like he already had lotion on him! So I put on his Shea lotion and it spreads so nicely with very little and made his skin so soft. The best part was, you couldn't even tell he was wearing lotion! I'm glad I stopped using his other stuff which made him very slippery. I had also purchased the Honey Almond Lotion for myself and will definitely be coming back from now on for my son's and I's bath care product needs. Keep up the excellent prices and sensational products! I cannot say enough, your products blew me away, and that's hard because I have used lots of products and was never fully satisfied.

I love the prices and I love the quality. You have definitely found a permanent customer here.

I don't know where this is a plus or a down-side. Your products are soooo nice that I may go broke from now on!! Again, thank you! I will share with others for sure!!

Just a note of thanks for your cocoa far the best I've tried. Package arrived within a few days of ordering( and I didn't expedite). My skin feels like butter, looks even toned, and smells awesome, like a Hershey's Kiss. I will order again:)

Been buying your soap for years now. Nothing else. I really enjoy them. Thanks!

I have skin problems and have tried your hemp butter to moisturize my skin and i'll tell you, my skin has never looked better. I love all of your products. They are great quality! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!!!

Wow. You are awesome. That is exactly why I decided to go with a "real company" rather than order cosmetic products (kinda scary) from some guy making it out of his trailer.
(A Note from Us Denhams)... Thanks for the Great feedback but we do feel kinda obligated to say that we used to live in a trailer many years ago - so where a half-decent product may begin to grow it's roots - you never can tell :o)

I will keep the order the same for next week's delivery. I don't think I was
going to get that rich anyway on one Saturday reselling a gallon of lotion.
But, when I get big, it's nice to know that I can count on suppliers like

Thanks so much for your excellent service!

I haven't ordered from you yet, was just browsing the internet. I do this as a hobby and sell a little and use most of it. But I wanted to thank you for so much information. What a wonderful site, how informative. I am really impressed with the thought and time you put into your online iformation. Thank you.

Hello, I received my order last week, and I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with everything, and really appreciate the extra special care taken in packaging everything. The boxes arrived safe and sound, and smelled really good too!

RE: Bulk Sale - I just received my box of sample creams and lotions. They surpassed my expectations! In my research, I have tried many private label/wholesale/bulk natural skincare product manufacturers. Your products will most likely be the creams I add to my new beauty line. I have been a professional hair stylist for over 20 years and have used hundreds of brands, small and large. Your products exude quality and attention to detail. The packaging is beautiful and professional, as well. You should be proud of your wonderful formulations! People say it is not rocket science to be in the beauty business. But I disagree. You must have a rocket scientist/genius somewhere on the payroll. I will be ordering more very soon! Great job!!!

RE: Bulk Sale - I just want to thank you for the nice lotion.
I was recommended to you by a friend who orders your product. I have gotten nothing but great comments about how nice it makes their hands, etc feel. Thanks Again.

RE: Bulk Sale - Hello, Your samples arrived. Absolutely marvelous! The delivery was so fast. I'll definitely be using Denham's Natural. Thank you!

Hi! I recently purchased 2 violet scented products from you and wanted to let you know how pleased I am by them. My co-workers even say they like to come into my office because it smells like violets; what a nice compliment! I will certainly purchase from you again and will recommend your great products to others. Thank you!

RE: Bulk Sale - This is by far the best lotion I have ever used. Not only does it contain ingredients I feel good about using, my skin feels amazing! The texture, the glide, the consistency - all perfect. I have had rave reviews from my customers who have purchased it from me. You have another loyal fan and happy customer!

Your products are wonderful.
Your customer service is terrific.
Your prices are extremely reasonable.
I found your website because I was looking for a simple rose-scented lotion. Instead of finding just one nice thing, I have found many, many nice things and my first order, so quickly received, has led to a second order in barely a week. These two orders certainly won't be my last. Thank you for providing such an all-round pleasant experience.

A Plus.
I just received my first order from you and I wanted to express how pleased and happy I am with your product. There will be more orders to follow, plus I will pass the word. Thank you.

Received the package of Freesia perfume, body mist and soap. Love it !

I originally purchased the Shea Butters, lotions for my mother-in-law for Christmas as she was looking for heavy duty moisturizers as her skin is dry from medications she is on. I suffer also from dry skin and year round "winter itch", so I decided to try your shea butter..and I love it...I used it all over and my skin felt wonderful. As my neck is starting to show my age I tried the shea butter on it also and had none of the tightness or wrinkles in it after..and it looks like it did 10 years ago...I am impressed! My mother-in-law also is saying how much she enjoyed the butters and lotions I gave her and said her skin felt and looked alot better also. Thanks so much for your awesome now definately have two new customers!!! I am looking forward to trying more of your products and so is she and I will definately reccomend your products to my family and friends.

i recieved my package yesterday, and it was worth the wait! all of the products smell wonderful, i am very impressed . thank you,

I just had to let you know that I love your shea butter. Every year when the weather turns colder, I struggle with eczema on my hands. Your shea butter is fantastic. It is moisturing without being greasy, etc. And the honeysuckle fragrance is wonderful. At first I thought it was a bit strong, but it fades after a few minutes into a soft, subtle fragrance. It's perfect! Thanks for such a wonderful product. I will definitely be ordering from you again!

I received my package of body mists & hand cream today. They are so wonderful! I have been searching all over for a TRUE lilac scent and you have it. Lilacs only bloom for a few weeks a year and now I can wear that wonderful fragrance every day! I will be sure to tell my friends about you. Keep up the great work. A new loyal customer.

I ordered the EO shea butters and oil with wisteria and also the wisteria roll on and solid perfume. The EO shea butters were in lavendar and peru balsam. Oh my gosh! I have NEVER smelled any product as good as yours! The scent last ALL day until you wash it off! I gave my friend who is a massage therapist the massage oil with the wisteria (she uses for "stress") and the roll on perfume and one of the solids. She was amazed @ the scent and just loved them. I have used Perlier Shea Butters (which are SO expensive) and yours is equally as good in the butter BUT MUCH better in the scent!! Thank you for an high quality product and may I say my hands (which are always dry and suck up anything I put on) are healing with the lavendar! I WILL be ordering from you again and I have a feeling my friend will be getting these products for her business. The only problem is................what scents do I order next!

Just wanted to say I absolutely love the solid peach perfume, shea butter and lotions! It is the best scent I have found thus far and I am re-ordering more!!! Love your products!

Recieved my lotions yesterday -- love it - thank you

Just received my shipment. Oh my goodness, what delicious stuff you sell. I'm going to cover my skin in shea butter. Wow. Thanks.

Dear Lisa & Mark, A special "thanks" to the both of you for being so patient with me and my endevours. You have a wonderful product and my customers are always raving about whatever they order,lotions or creams. My label may be on the bottle but I always do tell them about the Denhams. May you always have good fortune.

I just want to say that I AM IN LOVE with the samples I ordered. I have a serious issue with dry skin and exzcema since I was a child. When I opened them, me and my nana just starting trying, and I love them!!!! Especially the Hemp, and it smells so good even unscented.

Let me just say that I have finally found a supplier that meets my and my family needs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I have very dry skin and decided to try your product of Shea Butter with the fragrance of Egyptian Musk and now I am hooked. I was very pleased with the prompt service and the delivery time in which I received my order. I am looking forward to the Dead Sea Salts that you are going to be getting soon. Dead Sea salts are good for eczema and I am glad you will be carrying them soon. You Are My New Best Friend.
Thank You.

Review - Many Products - Very Pleased!

Just got my first order and couldn't wait to try out the butters. I couldn't believe how fast the mowrah butter absorbed into the skin making it feel so soft. Excited to try the mango butter next. Delivery time was excellent. Will definitely be a long time customer.

Your products are AWESOME! I will definitely be buying much more from you!!!

I am really impressed with your high quality skin products! I Received my order I am 100% satisfied with my order! I love the lilac scented skin lotion and body spray. They smell so good. You've done a great job on making these products! I will be ordering again. Thanks!

Hi Mark and Lisa...just a short note to let you know I've been using the Green Tea & Tea Tree Skin Cream and the Shea Butter Skin Cream - Apricot since last week and I just love these products. My skin has shown improvement in just a few days. The scent of the cream is simply beautiful and the texture is so luxurious. Wonderful products at reasonable prices. Thanks.

I just received my first order of Shea Butter Skin Creams. The formula is wonderful and all four scents that I purchased are heavenly! I can't wait to try other scents and products from your company. I'll definitely order again as I plan to take care of much of my Christmas list with your products. Please count me as one truly satisfied customer.

I have been using shea butter products for years now. I have extremely dry skin on my legs and if I go a day without using shea butter they drive me insane with itching. I have tried several different companies products and have either paid way too much on shipping or was not that impressed with what I got for the money I spent. I took a chance and tried your product and was so very pleased with my order. The fragrances you have to choose from are exceptional and true. No one else I've found has even come close to imitating Nag Champa as you folks have. I'm getting ready to place another order w/you and will be trying some light fruity smells for these summer days coming up. Please don't change a thing, I love your products and have recommended you to friends and co-workers.

I just received my first order from your company and I had to let you know I'm overwhelmingly impressed with the product!!! I ordered several perfume solids, which I immediately used, and at this very moment I am swooning with delight! I'm very selective about floral scents and these surpass all expectations! I'm confident I'll be ordering more products in the near will several friends. Thank you SO much for such wonderful fragrances!!

AWSOME !!!! products. I have just received my very first order of the ( Gardenia Rollon Perfume, Solid perfume, Handmade Soap and Body Oil )and I will tell you this much that I am VERY HAPPY with all the Items that I have received. I can't tell you enough, on just how much I love your products and how well it feels and smells on my skin. I AM OFFICIALLY HOOKED :) Thanks!!!

I have had nothing but rave reviews about all the products I ordered.. I have a waiting list for the lotions I have ordered today. My stock has flown out the window and I could not be happier..

I just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery and the excellent packaging. My mom was very impressed. I'm going to keep your site as a favorite, and order more in the future. Thanks again for the great service.

Dear Denhams,
I'm writing to let you know how much I'm enjoying your natural products! I received my order on 3/16/05. I ordered some soaps, cream, lotion, and sprays. I absolutely LUV the fragrance and texture and they all feel wonderful on my skin. Our family (all six of us) has been in the process of weaning ourselves from chemicals in our food and body products and I'm routinely searching the web in attempts to find companies with good products, prices, and reputations. I'm glad to say you've made the list--and it's a very short list! I wish everyone could find out that you don't have to put chemicals on your body in order to smell good. I get compliments whenever I wear lotions, etc. with essential oils. Also, I was pleased with how well the fragrance of the EOs came through in your products. I've purchased some soaps and lotions named with an oil and when I began to use them I could barely smell anything. Again, thank you for "being there" and I will be "seeing" you in the future!

As a new customer just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products,especially the soap. My skin is much softer and the moisturizers have really helped my dry, flaky skin. The price of your products are great and because of your prices I am able to order more. Everything I have tried so far is excellent and your customer service is beyond excellent. I order online and you fill my orders very quickly. Thanks so much!

I am more than pleased with my order. Your products do what they say. The body mists smell exactly like the flower. I love the orange blossom and the honeysuckle. In just two days of receiving my order, I have had so many compliments! It has been years of searching for my signature scent, thank you so much, if you ever discontinue a product, please give fair warning! thankyou thankyou!

I was so excited to get my order and very pleased! My order was shipped out within a few hours of ordering it, I received it in 2 days, and before I even unpacked it I could smell all the good stuff inside. These bars of soap are huge! For such a reasonable price, I will certainly be ordering again. I also ordered the vanilla body mist and was not sure if I would like "plain vanilla," but this smells soooo good! Thanks!!!

I just recieved my order of Body Butters and have to say they ARE great! I was using the Badger Balm line last year which ain't bad, BUT this body butter is just something to talk about. I'm spreading the word over here on the North Coast about this stuff. Winter is here early this year and I wasn't ready. Thanks for the speedy service. Your web site is most easy to use(4 Star). So long Badger, Hello Butter!!! Thanks Mark and Lisa for being out there .

Just wanted to express my great appreciation for your great products. I recently had a knee replacement operation and have been experiencing much discomfort at the scar site and around the area. I ordered your cocoa butter lotion and butter and only after 1 application, the skin felt so much better. I use your lotion and butter several times a day now and only after 3 days, the scar and skin appear 100% improved. I want to thank you for making such a great product!!!

Thanks so much. I am working on my Christmas order through your website this weekend I can't wait to get my mother started on your products. They are so great even my seventeen month old granddaughter gets my shea butter and brings it to me for me to put it on her. Her mother can't believe it! Thanks again for your help and wonderful customer service.

I just recieved my second order from denhams natural and I have to say these are the best products I have ever used. My husband has even commented on how much softer my skin is in the past month since I have been using denhams products. Also the processing and recieving of the orders is so fast its unbelievable. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to try new products as they come out.

I have been looking for natural cocoa butter to use on a scar on my knee after having a total knee replacement last month. My scar was dry and the skin was becoming uncomfortable. I ordered your cocoa butter lotion and butter and it has made such a big difference in the feel and look of the scar and skin. I can not thank you enough for making such a great product!!! I am placing a second order within a few days of using your products. I love the aroma of the Cherry Almond soap and it's a real pleasure taking a shower. Thank you for helping to heal my scar and skin and I will make sure to give your name and website to my doc and physicial therapist, so that others can order your products,

I really love the shea butter items I ordered from you. They are fantastic. I will be ordering again and again.

Thank you for the great service and the wonderful quality of your products.
I recieved my package today. Everything was nicely packed. I was pleasantly surprised by the truly magnificent scent of the products. The shea butter is so rich and thick,and the lip balm is terriffic! Thanks for the generous amounts,and for such a very reasonable price. I just ordered some more goodies...can't wait to recieve them!

I received my first order from your company, and I am absolutely thrilled !! I usually buy from another website, but their products are so inferior to yours (not to mention WAY more expensive) that I will never order from them again. Everything was packed beautifully and arrived quickly. The cream, soaps and fragrances are incredible, so authentic. The scent of lilac is my favorite, but it is difficult to find "the real deal";- generally you get something overly sweet that fades quickly, leaving a bitter afterscent. Your lilac items have that true, delicate, old-fashioned tone. I will definitely be a repeat customer, and if anyone wants to know if they should order from you the answer is

I had recently ordered shea butter from another company and was not satisfied because of the way it felt so grainy and hard to smooth into my skin. I was shocked by the difference in your product. It's wonderful. I ordered several things and had to play with all of it and loved everything. Now I know where I will be getting Christmas for my daughter,daughter-in-law,mother,etc. Also I really appreciate getting my product so quickly. Keep up the great work!

Wow! I received my order last week and it is wonderful! I really love your products!! They are very high quality- I really LOVE the vanilla body butter- it is the best vanilla I have ever used! My friends and I spend a lot of money at bath and body works, but I will be referring them to you when they come visit now!! I will be back!! THANKS!!!

I love all of your stuff! I am hooked!

I just received my order today and it is wonderful! I usually use bath and body works but was looking for a better body butter and I found it! I love the sweet orange scent SOOO MUCH! I really love strong, sweet scented products! Thanks so much!!! Your customer service and shipping times are also top notch!

Your solid perfume creams ROCK! My husband is allergic to most commercial perfumes due to their propellants and unnatural components. I can wear your products in confidence that my man won't get a bad reaction, and I can still smell fantastic!


Dear Mr. Denham:
Thank you so much for your quick response.
You and your wife are such a pleasure to order from. I truly enjoy the excellent products and of course your customer service is second to none : )
Thank you

I didn't get a chance before I left on vacation to let you know I received my order the very next day after we talked. Thank you so much! I love your products so will be sending in an order again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The skin cream feels like whipped butter, but better. It really sinks into my skin very well. The body mists are fantastic. The Vanilla is the creamiest vanilla I have ever smelled, the Orange Blossom and Sweet Pea smell exactly like the real flowers, and the Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot are crisp, sweet and lovely. I'm going to have to order Gardenia soon - Thanks Again!

My products arrived today and they are GREAT! I love the scent, packaging, rich moisture, natural ingrediants, generous size and the low low price for such luxurious products.
I will definately be a repeat customer.
Have a lovely day and thanks again.

You have great products. The customer service is excellent. Please never close your doors ... or this would be one sad customer.

Your product is amazing. Colorado is a dry climate and in the high country even drier. In the winter I feel like my skin turns to some kind of nasty reptilian leather. Your shea butter is the only product I’ve found that really helps me feel human again, and even better, it sinks in and lasts—I don’t have to slather it on multiple times a day. I bought extra this time to share with family and friends. I bet you’ll have some more customers after they try it!

Your products are WONDERFUL, they are such a pleasant surprise after years of trying other skin lotions and being disappointed.

I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with the body spray that I recieved from your company. I was worried that the patchouli scent would be too overwhelming but it isn't - it's perfect! Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of your help! I know I have said this before but we are so excited about the lip balm as our wedding favor. You have been so kind and helpful during this process. You always put me at ease and best of all we are so delighted with the product...Denham's Naturals is now on my favorites list!!! You have a wonderful company. Good luck and continued success to you!!!!!

I recently placed an order with you and I am very happy with your products. I am using the 100% unscented shea butter under my eyes and it is great. I usually have allergic reactions to under eye creams. I have had none with this. This is better than any expensive creams I have used in the past.

Your product is so very superior to any of the other companies that I have used. Just keep doing what you are doing because I am spreading the word here in CT.

My Mom just LOVED her package... She had been using Vaseline on her skin (yikes)! I told her I sent her something MUCH better (shea butter)! I'm sure my aunt will also be thrilled once her gift arrives. Thanks again

I love your products and I have so many people ask me where I got them so I hope they are buying too. 

Everything arrived as ordered. This is the first time I have tried Shea Butter but I had heard it was good for very dry skin. I have Fibromyalgia and I have to take alot of meds for this disease that cause my skin to dry out. The order was packaged very nicely. I thought the little ribbon was a very nice touch. The Shea butter is so good. It just melted right into my skin and was soaked up. Thanks for a good quality product and for keeping all of it completely natural.

Looooove the cucumber melon body spray and thank you for the many samples.  Am passing out your cards here and spraying anyone who comes in.

Re Shea Butter: I am sending this link to all my friends. And I am packing up a bit of my own to send to a friend who has just been through radiation and is now in Chemo. I just know it will help her. I can see a difference in my skin in just days of using it. Amazing stuff.

I ordered the Peach. This was my first purchase of your products. I have only had it a short time but already my skin has taken on a more smooth and glowing look. I have shared this wonderful product with so many of my friends. Just a little sample to take home with them or as a little treat when I have gone to see them. Every single one of them were amazed. Well, sharing is a good thing except I shared so much that now I am almost out and I am placing a new order today. Your Shea butter products are just a wonder. Keep up the good work

I can testify that your products have totally turned my skin a around in just this short time.  Again thank you for a personal reply. God Bless you,

I have just received your product and love it!!  I am trying some new things today!  I will be telling my friends and family about your product!  Thank you very much.

The following is A Review from maybe our happiest customer ever :o)

  I reacenty ordered several products from you and am thrilled with them. Since you like feed-back - (I know I do)- I thought I'd let you know about the products I tried...

    What an incredible product. Your shea butter literally melts into my skin, leaving it wonderfully moisturized and smelling great (I got your vanilla). It's like no other moisturizer I've tried.  Already my skin had improved and looks and feels younger after only two days - I'm sold on it!

Finally a heavy-duty moisturizer I'm not afraid to use on my three-year-old. When you say "fragrance-free" you really mean it! My Mom's always complaining that most moisturizers aren't rich enough for her - I think I've found the answer to her moisturizing dreams!!

  I simply LOVE your apricot oil! As someone who doesn't use lotion very much, I depend on oils to provide my skin moisture- especially in the winter. Your apricot oil spreads nicely over wet skin. I can add a small amount to my bath and soak in wonderful fragrance, or rub the oil directly on my wet skin after a shower. I'm amazed at how quickly it is absorbed and doesn't leave my skin greasy. It's a terrific alternative to baby oil, and its moisturizing properties last all day (along with the fragrance).

  It's so nice to have a fragrance that actually STAYS with your skin ALL DAY. It's a great product because the money spent on it goes toward fragrance and moisturizer, NOT alcohol. Your skin actually feels better after you use it and a little goes a long way. Your Arabian Spice has  such a warm and exotic smell that my husband likes it too (a nice alternative to Bay Rum)!!

  It's so hard to find solid perfumes these days, so I was thrilled to see it on your web site - and at such bargain prices!! I got the CARNATION and ENGLISH ROSE versions of your solid perfume. The carnation reminds me of the perfume my grandmother had years ago, and my husband really likes the English Rose on me. I like the fact that they won't spill in my purse and will last me FOREVER!! The carnation was not as strong as the rose, but it did have a wonderfully spicey floral smell that's different from anything you can get in the store. Against warm skin, your fragrances have a much warmer and natural smell than the alcohol-based fragrances you get at the store. Your company has so many wonderful scents to select from that I feel a bit like a "kid in a candy store" when it comes to ordering from you!!

Thanks Kelley!!! MBD

This body mist isn't like anything I have tried before... This actually makes my skin feel smoother.. Well Done and keep up the good work!.

I love ALL of your products. I got hooked on your creams and I am dying to get my hands on your body sprays.

I have just recieved my order of Shea Butter and solid perfume both in a Nag Champa fragrance. I am sooooo pleased with both products!!! The fragrance is pure and not a cheap knockoff and I have to admit at your prices I wasn't so sure of the quality that I would be recieving, but I obviously was concerned for no reason. Thank you so much for your outstanding products I will be ordering from you again....

(regarding custom lip balm order)... I cannot tell you how excited we were when we got the package.  The lip balms are perfect!  From the packaging to the smell and the texture.  I am so happy about this and cannot wait to give away these favors at the wedding.  Thank you so much for all of your time and help.  I sincerely appreciate it

I am addicted to your shea butter soaps I am on my fourth bar already!!!.

You guys are in a class of your own. I can't believe how smooth my skin feels after using your lotion for the last few weeks. I can't wait to get try your body spray.

My skin was so dry and I couldn't find anything that really worked that had any lasting effect.. Since I have started using your products my skin feels much better, I have been telling everyone about your website and wonderful products, and have sent some of your products to my daughter who suffers from dry skin as well... THANK YOU!! .

I just wanted to say that you guys have the BEST customer service I have EVER come across. Usually companies don't have time for their customers but your friendly answers to all my questions in record time really sets you apart from the rest.

I couldn't believe it when you called asking if I wanted to include a message with my gift box.. Most companies wouldn't even bother. You really care about your customers and it shows and that makes all the difference.

Thank you for making these wonderful products I received a gift set for my birthday and I would just like to say that you have a customer for Life.. God Bless You

I LOVE YOUR SHEA BUTTER SKIN CREAM!!!!! Your lotion too. But your skin cream best of all! DON'T GO ANYWHERE - I'll be back for more :o)

Your service is so fast!  THANK YOU!!!

I LOVE your products, and can't wait for the cream. Thank you for being such a super vendor/supplier...I am looking forward to many more purchases.....using the wholesale route, of course!!!

I just purchased some of your products for the first time and I LOVE them!! 

My skin wants to thank you for the wonderful products!  We've been experiencing a drought the last couple of years that has left it very dry.  Everyone's skin is having a tough time, except mine!  I'm using your body butter combined with the sweet almond oil which is the only product that hasn't left my skin dry and itchy!  Hopefully the drought will be over soon, but if it doesn't, my skin will still be happy!

Your products seem to be helping my 4 year old niece who has very dry legs.  And she really likes the smell. Thank you for your wonderful products!

I wanted to let you know that I love your products, and I am looking forward to trying new fragrances.  I also can't wait to try the hand salve.  Thanks!

I really like your website, the products and the information offered about them, like the ingredient info. Very nice!

I wanted to say thank you for your fabulous products.  They are great, and I'm making sure that I tell all my friends.  I especially like the orange ginger and peppermint, but all of them are outstanding.

Many thanks for your wonderful products and friendly service.  It makes your company stand out

I'm all for any additions to your line.  I'll definitely be eagerly looking forward to them.  Again, your products are great.  I'm a college teacher, and I keep some skin lotion in my office (and my briefcase).
Off to tell my twin sister about your products. . . .

My friend is a wonderful person who is celebrating her 40th birthday next month. I had looked everywhere for a natural product in the scent she loves. Anyway. I found and ordered and I just had to sneak a smell. I loved it!  And I am sure she will also. So now I have this great site to order from-bad part is. I don;t want to share it just yet :) anyway I am looking forward to getting mine now.:)

just a quick email to say..I love my Order.. I should of asked for other samples..because I will definitly be ordering more...Thanks!

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