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Wholesale Pricing & Options

No Minimum Order Amount...

The pricing advertised online is our manufacturer's direct pricing. 

We do the best we can for you, but, with already fair pricing, deeper discounts are few and far between. Any discounts in pricing, if available, will automatically apply in the shopping cart as the shopping cart totals increase. 

Custom Labeled Product

Using our many ordering options, you may order a single bottle of custom-labeled lotion (if this is all you require), or order new product templates, or you may order products with or without labels, or custom-labeled by the case, and more. Plus enjoy the fact that all these services are available to you without any minimum order quantities or restrictions which aren't already baked into the product's order page.

Gallons and Bulk Base Products.

Though we do our best to offer the broadest possible array of products and options coupled with fair pricing, we can't do it all. Sometimes you may want to reduce costs further or create a product that we simply do not provide. In this case, we do offer the majority of our products in larger - gallon and five-gallon sizes, etc., this is to allow our customers to save even more and to enable them to create their lines of personal and customized products.
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Labeling Options Labeling Options
Easily and quickly request your order be shipped with or without labels, with your previously purchased custom Labels attached, or request any combination of labelling options.
Custom Labeling Custom Labeling
Easily Add Your Logo and Contact Information to Our Products! A great way to advertise your store and to bring in repeat customers!
NEW Product Templates NEW Product Templates
If you have already purchased Our Custom Labelling Services, you may purchase additional label templates here.
Important: If you plan on selling our products in any form, our terms of sale need to be a part of your terms of sale - especially regarding shelf life and use by, safe applications and reasonable use. Please consider our terms of sale carefully before making any purchase with us on a wholesale level.