Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions. Please read thoroughly before contacting us about our wholesale ordering policies

Who May Order 

Anyone who wishes... No More Minimum Orders...

Discounts will automatically apply to orders as the shopping cart totals increase. If you wish to order a little you will pay full retail price but you can still get the custom labeling options you need without paying for more product than you can sell.


Orders reaching $175.00 will receive a First tier product price break
Orders reaching $500.00 will receive a Second tier product price break
Orders reaching $1000.00 will receive a Third tier product price break

Due to our already narrower than slim margins, these new tiered price breaks are complex and discounts vary on the tiers for each product. A Logistical Nightmare so please don't ask "what kind of price can I get if I order a hundred bottles" or etc..... Discounts will automatically be shown and totals will reflect these discounts automatically in the cart.

Bulk Products and Accessories, Gift Boxes and Custom Labeling Services are not discounted as we would go broke real quick if we did :o/

Reseller Options
Information Regarding Reseller Options Can Be Found Here

Labeling Questions
Information Regarding Label Sizes and Regulations Can Be Found Here

Ordering Custom Labeled Products
Information On How To Custom Label Products Can Be Found Here

Minimums applied to Custom Labeled Product

None... Order a Single Bottle of Custom Labeled Lotion if this is all you require, or order NEW product templates, order with or without labels and more. And enjoy the fact we ain't gonna demand you spend a penny more with us than you need.

Paper Catalog
Unfortunately as we update our product line very often we have found through experience that Our catalogs tend to go out of date sometimes before they have left the press. For this reason we do not have any printed Catalogs.

Our most up-to-date Catalog will always be available Right Here

State Sales Tax

Arizona State Recipients of our product will be assessed a total of 6.6% State Sales Tax on all product ordered. Taxes will not be assessed on shipping costs.

If you are an Arizona business and wish to have state sales tax removed from your order you must complete an AZ Form 5000, fill this form out completely. You must date this form  from the expected first sale date until the end of the calender year and mail this to us at:

Denham's Natural
P.O. Box 3242
Payson AZ 85547

For continued tax exemption we will Require an AZ Form 5000 completed with us and on file for each calender year for which you wish to continue to make purchases with us.

Our Return Policy

We are a manufacturer, All Orders are made to demand and as with all cosmetics we cannot accept returns as for safety reasons we would be unable to redistribute those items.

We suggest to all our retailers that for your protection: order a single full-size item of what you are planning to buy in bulk before spending large amounts of money with us. This can be done through our retail site and ensures that you are completely happy when the larger shipments arrive as you will be completely aware of what you are going to receive before handing over larger sums of money.

Shipping Estimates

All of our products are made by hand when an order is placed. Keeping this in mind.. Larger orders will usually ship within 1-5 business days. If we expect any Delay in processing your order past this estimate we will contact you within 24 hours of order placement.

1st of November through December 31st...
Due to increased demand for our products during the Christmas season, Bulk and Wholesale Orders may ship Within 2 to 5 Business Days from order placement.

If we expect any delay with your order we will contact you for your approval to an extended shipping date. You can choose at that time to cancel or proceed with your order.

International Orders 

Due to this precarious political climate and the fact that all of our packages seeming to look sinister traveling through an X-Ray Machine AND after Having our shipments held at customs for 3 months in the past we have unfortunately been forced to limit our shipments to within the United States. We may Offer international shipping in the future, but at this time we cannot accept any international orders.

Damage During Shipping 

Please read our Terms of sale for Our Shipping and Product Replacement Policies. All packages are insured for the full value of the contents and we will re-ship and replace damaged products within the terms of our shipping policies but - normally - pretty quickly.

As Always - If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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