To help you in making a more informed decision when purchasing skin care products we have listed all ingredients online as well as on our labels in the order that they should be listed.

Listing Waters and Fillers.

Even though it is sometimes camouflaged within the definition of another ingredient (Juice, Distillate, teas, or other water based ingredients etc), A High Quality Water will normally be the highest per volume percentage of any ingredient used in all formulations of soap, shower gels, shampoo, lotion, body mists or skin cream etc.

Water is absolutely necessary to make any natural soap and is the basis for most all skin care products. In lotions and creams all HLB (Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance System) calculations are based on water as a foundation and this is the basis of most stable emulsions.

Sometimes, companies who need an edge to break into this market and even larger companies looking to take an edge in the market will hide their water content within another ingredient description or simply not list the water content in their ingredient listings at all - putting faith in the fact that - "it's just water. And it's not going to hurt anyone if I don't list it".


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