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Home > Things You Should Know > Truth Vs The "Magic Bullet" Skin Care Myth

Truth Vs The "Magic Bullet" Skin Care Myth

This is written in regards to some of the biggest myths out there.. To help address those miraculous skin care products that will fit everybody's needs. But also how to actually achieve those more "miraculous" results you seek.

Marketing... A Wonderful Thing...

It might be true that you could possibly blame these "miracle cures" on blanket marketing mediums such as the TV ( I think I will ) so we will dig our heels in there..

Think of an average skin care product TV commercial...
An example:

"This product will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is guaranteed to (help) make you look 5 years younger..." 
Hmmmm... I can promise you that a bath will do the same for a short period of time as the moisture from the water will be absorbed by your skin, fill out thinner skin and minimize wrinkles... So.. Why buy their product? ... The Quick Fix in a jar, that's why... 
But Ask yourself.. If these results are True for everyone, why do these companies making these products so quickly move onto the next "miracle" so quickly discounting the first?

From a marketing aspect the only reason you would quit advertising a product is if  that "original miracle product" didn't work out.

Basically it's math...

Out of the 200 million people who initially brought the product with high expectations, 189 million never brought it again as it didn't work as well as expected, the company begins to see profit drop - they have reached everyone they can within their market...  They release the next miracle" so the cycle of profit can start again.

A Little Cynical? ... Perhaps. But from what we have seen - essentially a basic reality...

The unfortunate truth is that there are no magic bullets for these more specific claims in skin care, there never were... What may work exceptionally for you - may not work that same magic for many others. Big business knows this as they quickly rotate through their product catalogs on TV and other such mass media markets..

The Best Way to Achieve the Best Possible Results....
More specific results in your own personal skin care Are Achievable with a little knowledge about what your skin type needs.

With a little effort in researching those needs and matching those needs with the ingredients found in your skin care products, you can properly target skin care  products that will provide exceptional results for you. To do this you do need to know what Your specific needs are.

Commercially - The reason why there are so many skin care products out there, is that everyone is unique.  For Example... I'm sure You have tried products and think to yourself, how can these guys stay in business??!!.. And another person will try that same products and Go WoW... Amazing!..

The reason for this is that although Our body chemistry may all play by certain "sets" of rules - essentially - we all need a little more of one thing and a little less of another in varying degrees to achieve the necessary results we are ideally seeking. This is mainly due to how our own individual body absorbs nutrients in the foods you eat, and in the liquids you drink, and how your body processes those nutrients and then apportions and releases the necessary oils, moisture and nutrients to your skin.

Skin Care should begin with Diet...
I'm not talking about those "Lose 50lbs in 4.8 seconds" diets... Just what you intake on a daily basis. Because it's what your diet does not take care of or your body cannot take care of itself - you will need seek out in the way of skin care products - to pick up the "slack".

If asked I would always say that Skin Care should always begin with good eating habits and a balanced diet. This will Always help and Never hurt. If in doubt - you should seek the advice of a good dietitian regarding which foods would work best for your more specific health and cosmetic needs.

When diet cannot take care of an issue, you need to know what your "issues" are, do you have dry skin? Oily skin, normal but sensitive skin? Are you suffering with blemishes or etc? The best way to find out what skin "type" you have is to talk to a dermatologist as they can normally tell you what your skin "needs".

Once you know what your skin needs you can do research on which ingredients you should be applying to your skin to fill those needs...

Sensitive skin? Oils high in Essential Fatty Acids like evening primrose, hemp and raspberry seed oils (for example) can go a long way in helping to naturally alleviate sensitive skin issues.

Oily skin, Choose a product with lighter more astringent oil like grape seed oil. Or products containing essential oils known to help break down the oils your body may be overproducing.

Dry Sensitive Skin? Use Moisturizers with medium / heavy oil content and also try trapping moisture into the skin using products high in Essential Fatty acids after bathing etc...

As you can see, there are many ways to tune in better results using specific products and techniques to achieve more specific results. The trick is Knowing what your skin needs because once you know what your skin needs then it's just a case of "tuning" ingredients, diets and treatments to best fit your specific body chemistry and achieve the maximum results possible...

So Much to choose from...

You have seen isles and isles of skin care products, all made with a little more of this, or a little less of that. Or with an emphasis on one particular ingredient. This is because those manufacturing these products Know that - even unaware of their own specific needs - a certain group of people will achieve exceptional results from one formula or another and the rest will receive smaller benefit to one degree or another.

As Any improvement is better than none - all of these products you see at the store are sale-able from a marketing aspect.
How we do things...

We start with better ingredients...

It will always be true that no matter which skin type group you are inclusive of, a person will always benefit from the higher quality materials we use over the cheaper materials used in many other skin care products which are available to you.

We then fine tune formulations to skin types...

All of our products are more designed to target certain skin types. When customers contact us regarding which of our products will work best for certain results we will normally try to find out a little about that person regarding skin issues and skin type before attempting to answer the question.

Sensitive Skin? Try Unscented products. Oils like our apricot oil, Soaps like our honey oatmeal soap or products such as our goat's milk lotion and creams were designed for people with more sensitive skin. Stay away from The "Sulfates" and foaming agents used in many Liquid Soaps, Shampoos and Bath bars, as these can be very drying to the skin.

Dry skin? Depending on what is causing it? Body Chemistry - a lighter more moisture laden product like honey almond lotion may more immediately offer increased moisture but you can tune to the heavier oils like Shea butter as the heavier the oil content of a product the better the product will be in locking the moisture in your skin; so if dryness is due to the Climate exposure then you may need to lock the moisture in using heavier oil and butters or cream products.

Oily Skin? Our green tea and aloe products may better suit your needs as they contain oils which have proved to be more astringent.

Normal Skin? Lucky You!.. You can pretty much have your pick.. Find out what your skin needs are and match to the ingredients we use within our formula to what you know your skin requires to receive the best possible results.

The Myth?...

Mass Marketed "Anti Wrinkle Creams" and those ever elusive, "Anti Aging" serums.

The Truth?

Although these things do exist, these compounds are person specific.

High quality oils and moisturizers like those we use within our own formulas is Much better for the skin than a lower quality oil in all general applications.. This will always be true. But how your body utilizes that moisture, those oils and the many nutrients found in skin care products will be completely unique to you.

With all this said, the more you know regarding your skin and what it needs, the better off you will be finding that "exceptional" skin care product which will produce the best results for you.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy is it? But with a little knowledge and effort you will more easily be able to maximize your desired skin care results while helping to save about a million dollars in the search for those "ultimate" skin care products.

Hope to have helped,
Take Care
Mark & Lisa Denham