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Theories & Opinions

e consistently hear repeated opinions stated as fact regarding preservatives. These misconceptions occupy us at a rate of many hundreds of hours each year as we try to explain to people on the phone and by responding to email that the "un-preserved" cosmetic lotion or cream simply cannot exist in commercial (for sale) cosmetic skin care products.

Below we have listed a few examples in the hope that these examples will prevent carpel tunnel syndrome and Ma-Bell from making us remortgage our facilities.

This is in regards to but one of Many Publications we Regularly receive calls about...
If you have already read the article we refer to you will know what this is in reference to; If you read the article at a later time and date you may just find yourself saying... "Ahhh that's what they are talking about...."

Meshing fact with opinion to really confuse people
in a well written piece that misleads people into believing the tester is reporting scientific findings and has extensive knowledge on preservatives.

The tester reports testing a preservative in "minute" concentrations -
which is Double EU Tested Skin Safe Levels. The Tester found that when spraying this mixture into her eyes. The tester reports that "it stings". This, the tester leads people to believe; is a real and proper indicator on basically just how bad the preservative must be for you.

The tester goes on to endorse as an alternative - A completely inappropriate super-antioxidant which will not work in oil/water, water/oil or water formulations (which basically covers all lotions and creams) and which can seriously raise blood pressure when used in the wrong levels.

The tester also (and ironically if you know the piece's source) endorses the use of a quasi-preservative which can be hidden by the name "fragrance" to mislead people into believing the product doesn't contain any type of preservative...

A More Dangerous "Natural is Better" Example:

We at one time had reports from customers who were looking for that ever elusive natural alternative to preservatives, tell us that "one company is advertising the use of raw bitter almond oil as a preservative".

We Checked, it was true... Whether or not they were actually using bitter almond oil or were just stating that they were to sell "naturally preserved products" is pretty much besides the point.

People believed that raw bitter almond oil was a natural and "better for you" alternative over those tested safe by all scientific standards, cosmetic standard preservatives.

In fact, bitter almond oil can be an incredibly dangerous substance that is
considered a US DEA controlled substance. We know people who have spilled this oil on themselves and have endured horrible chemical burns by doing so.

Another downside to using unprocessed bitter almond oil is prussic acid (cyanide) poisoning. This being a common side effect with the incorrect processing and use of this oil.

People are mislead to believe that the more natural alternative is better for you than tested safe cosmetic preservatives.

Grapefruit Seed Extract:

We receive calls all the time asking us to preserve our lotions with GSE. Whilst fresh Grapefruit Seed Extract is a wonderful antioxidant in very small percentages, fresh preparations of GSE have no preservative value at all...

Due to it's chemical properties there are very few preservatives that can preserve commercially sold GSE, so the preservatives used in commercial GSE are the same heavy duty preservatives as found in many industrial cleaning agents.

It is those industrial strength preservatives which lend GSE it's preservative value.

To Quote from The guys who did the research..

"Independent studies have shown that commercial preparations contain the compound benzalkonium chloride, which is a synthetic antimicrobial commonly used in disinfectants and cleaning products, the related compound benzethonium chloride, the antibiotic triclosan, or the preservative methylparaben.

Some samples were shown to contain up to 22% benzalkonium chloride by weight, despite the known allergenicity and toxicity of the compound at higher doses.

These chemicals were not present in grapefruit seed extracts prepared in the laboratory, and GSE preparations without the contaminants were found to possess no detectable antimicrobial effect."

This is where things get dangerously out of control:

We also hear from people who absolutely Know for a Fact that you can make skin care products without preservatives because a certain store sells these products.

When we ask who are selling these products so we can research the product, we have found that in some instances the companies they refer to are companies who are actually buying their product from us, have re-labeled the jar, and then have  spun a yarn to convince people there is no need for preservatives in (our/their) product.

We have been doing business for many years and this kind of thing is really  unfortunate as small businesses more and more feel they have to misrepresent to make a sale due to gross misinformation in the public arena. And we feel bad because we are ethically dragged into the situation..

We all lose in this situation as due to legal issues which may arise due to possible complicity, we will not supply people with product if we find that a company is mislabeling or miss-advertising the products we supply to them. Over the years this has been the primary reason why we have had to drop clients or have had to refuse sales to people..

The result...

Following the logical progression of things.

People are mislead by some "expert" opinion.

People go looking for un-preserved or unsafely preserved products, because the experts told them they exist and are better for you.

People who need a quick "market edge" make commercially dangerous or unstable products, or mislead by leaving the preservatives from the labels to fill the demand..

People get hurt from allergy reactions because ingredients are dropped from the labels or get hurt from using an unsafe (though natural) product...

Those people who mislead fall to the lawyers, the people misled get hurt and distrust in responsibly made more natural products, so choose to live with the usual department store fare...

A self supporting circle which feeds upon itself, all starting with bad information which ultimately serves absolutely nobody...

Theories and opinions... We all have them, and it's the "what ifs" which brought us all to where we are today, with planes n trucks, n wheels n such... But sometimes... Theories and Opinions... Best not aired really...


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