Advertising Organic Skin Care Products
We get asked a lot of questions regarding the percentage of organic ingredients used within our products and if it is appropriate to advertise our products as organic. Below we have answered a couple of your questions.

How Can I Tell if My Product or Ingredient is Organic?

Basically all products making claims about organic content must be inspected by a USDA certifying agency and the name and contact information of that certifying agency Must be displayed on the product advertised to hold organic content. This allows the consumer to verify claims made by the manufacturer.

Any product claiming to be 100% organic may carry a USDA seal on the outside packaging. If not, you should request a copy of the USDA Certification for your records from the product distributor or manufacturer of that product.

To make a claim that a product is any percent organic the packaging should clearly list the organic ingredients in the ingredient panel and it's label must contain the certifying agency which assessed the product manufacturer's claims to organic content.

Using the word organic on any product without proof of certification can end a person making those claims on their packaging in court, facing fines up to $11,000.00

Listing a product Percent Organic

Listing products "Percent Organic" is already starting to fall from grace as People who demand organic products are becoming aware that products advertised to them as "Percent Organic" are not Organic Products.

But depending on which percentage of a product is certified by USDA Certification agency as organic, a company may be able to list "percent organic" on it's label..

The actual percent of organic ingredients certified within a formula will dictate how a company can use the word organic on it's product. From boldly stating "USDA Certified Organic" on the front of a bottle to "made with Organic Aloe" on a side panel.

Considering A Natural Alternative

Even though we do use large quantities of natural ingredients within our formulations - many of which are advertised to us by our vendors as Organic. Our finished products do not hold any USDA Certification. Saying as much, we believe that advertising any of our products to you as "Percent Organic" would be a little misleading and we don't really feel comfortable going there...

We rest easy in the knowledge that Advertising our more natural products at reasonable prices, we can responsibly guide many people to a safer, more natural skin care alternative, and help lure people away from those scary mass produced chemical based skin care products that are so prevalent in the market today.

We Appreciate All of our Customers and Visitors and Whatever you should decide We Wish You Only The Best in All of Your Endeavors.

As Always - We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. So, If you need any further information regarding our products please feel free to contact us.

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