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NEW Product Templates
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NEW Product Templates
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 About This Product
Paying for New Product Templates

Here you can pay for new label templates. Each new template will Add $10.00 to your shopping cart. You MUST have Previously Paid for Custom Labeling BEFORE Using this resource.


Using the "CLS NEW Template" Product Option

If you have previously paid the one-time custom labeling setup fee on Any previous order, you can now add products to your shopping cart using the CLS NEW Template option and also pay for the new templates here all within the same shopping cart.

Building Your Custom Label Catalog

Alternatively, if you have previously paid the one-time custom labeling setup fee on Any previous order, you can choose to purchase JUST New Templates without placing orders for a product to expand your custom label catalog.

You may choose to do things this way so at any future date you can select "CLS MY Template" for a template you have paid for here to avoid delays in processing your orders for product.

Defining The NEW Templates, You Wish to Purchase

Be Very Specific in your product choice.

For Example:

"Shea Butter Lotion - Unscented".


"Shea Lotion"

Another example:

"Omega Blend Raspberry Seed Oil"

But Not

"Raspberry Seed Oil"

How Things Get Done

When we receive your order for a new template request, we will begin work on your template.

When we have finished a template that looks good, we will email a screengrab image of the template we made using your logo and contact info so you may see the finished template.

If you like the template, you must reply to the email telling us so - So we may lock the template and store it. Once we do this, we will consider that template finished.

Once a label template is locked you can place your order selecting "CLS My Template" from the drop-down menu for the product you have the template made for, at any time, for any amount, and at no additional charge.

Additional Fees Relating to New Templates   

There are no future charges for printing your custom labels once you have paid the one-time fee for the product's template - however - if you wish to make changes to existing locked templates, you would be required to pay a $10.00 fee per template needing alteration.

If you later wish to purchase more label templates for new products at any future date - It would cost $10.00 for each additional template.

You must pay for NEW Templates if you have selected "CLS NEW Template" for any product in your order. These New Templates must be purchased at the same time, within the same order.

How Long do you Store my Custom Templates?

We keep your templates on file indefinitely - for as long as we remain in business, which (unfortunately for our competition) may be some time to come...

Order Delays Choosing CLS NEW Template

The whole process for creating new label templates "usually" takes up to 7 business days. So, if you are choosing CLS NEW Template during the order process and are now paying for those templates here, it will take us additional time to ship out your order as we process your new templates to cover the items you have purchased. So, you should start this process at least a week or two before you figure you will want your order to ship.

Sounds Too Complicated? - It's not. We have done so many of these templates we tend to just fly through the process. But to get off the ground we do need All the Info as we have laid out and we will guide you through the rest of the process as it takes place.

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