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Custom Labeling
Created Just For You!

Custom Labeling
Denham's Natural Custom Labelling Service
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Font If we cannot work with your logo we need an Alternative Windows Font:

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 About This Product

dding Your Logo & Contact Information to Our Labels:

We can remove our logo and contact info from our labels and add your logo and contact information in their place. This way you can market our products under your brand name.

We Charge a one-time $175.00 design fee plus a one-time template alteration fee of $10.00 per product label, For example:

If you want your logo and contact information on 10 shea lotions of different fragrances it would require a one-time setup fee of $175.00 plus 10 X $10.00

We would then keep your custom label templates and print them upon demand to label your future purchases.

For example, you have paid for the "Plumeria Shea Butter Lotion" Template. You can now buy as many or as few bottles of that particular product with your custom label attached at no further charge at any time.

Once you have paid for any label template, future printings of your label cost nothing beyond your total product purchase. Just select "CLS My Template" when placing your order and we will send that item out with your label applied.

Getting Started...

To begin this process, you Must Include in the form above:

Label Info

Your Store name. that you wish to be shown on the label

Your Full Store Address including state, city, and zip, which will appear on the label

Your Contact Number which will be shown on the label

You Can Also Choose to Include

An email address
Web address

Although these will not fit on every label if we can insert them without destroying the appearance of a label we will.

Logo Image

A High-Resolution image file of your logo on a white background in Windows bitmap (.bmp) format. Or Photoshop File. We cannot make fuzzy images look good so
the more resolution (detail) the better.

Ninety-Nine Times out of a hundred we can get logos to fit on our products and look good but on occasion, they simply will not work with the rest of our label, and we cannot guarantee that we can use your logo on our templates.


If we cannot get your logo to look good on our templates, we will need you to choose a windows font as a backup.

You may suggest any font Other Than Papyrus.

As We use Papyrus in our logo, and because a Papyrus Font Logo would likely need to be stacked to appear balanced within our label designs, any logo requested with this font would produce a label template virtually identical to our own. For this reason, we cannot use the Papyrus font for your logo designs within our templates.

Product Choice:

Included in this initial one-time design fee you may choose ONE product from our website for which you wish for us to design a custom label template.

Be Very Specific in your product choice.

For Example:

"Shea Butter Lotion - Plumeria".


"Shea Lotion"

Another example:

"Omega Blend Raspberry Seed Oil"

But Not

"Raspberry Seed Oil"

Add Templates:

Add additional products you wish for us to make customized labels for you here, again be very specific regarding the description of the template you wish to purchase. Each template entered here will cost an additional $10.00.

If you need to add more templates than this form will allow, fill out the information in this - our custom labeling form first, then submit it to your cart. Then navigate back to the new product template page and fill out the new template request form.

What Happens Next:

When we receive your order and template request, we will begin work on your template.

When we have finished a template that looks good, we will email a screengrab image of the template we made using your logo and contact info so you may see the finished template.

If you like the template, you must reply to the email telling us so - So we may lock the template and store it. Once we do this, we will consider that template finished.

Once a label template is locked you can place your order selecting "CLS My Template" from the drop-down menu for the product you have the template made for at no additional charge.

Additional Charges Associated with Custom Labeling.

There are no future charges for printing your custom labels once you have paid for the template - however - if you wish to add new templates or make changes to existing locked templates, you would be required to pay a $10.00 fee per new template or template alteration.

If you later wish to purchase more label templates at any future date - It would cost $10.00 for each additional template. You must pay for additional Templates during the order process.

How Long Will You Keep My Templates on File?

We keep your templates on file indefinitely, for as long as we stay in business. Which (unfortunately for our competition) Maybe for quite some time to come.

How Long Will All This Take?

The whole process for creating new label templates "usually" takes up to 7 business days. So, you should start this process at least a week or two before you figure you will want to place an order for the custom labeled product.

Sounds Too Complicated? - It's not. We have done so many of these templates we tend to just fly through the process. But to get off the ground we do need All the Info as we have laid out and we will guide you through the rest of the process as it takes place.

Unbranded Products

If you would like to apply your label to our products, you may buy our products Unbranded (without Labels) through our website at no charge.

For a Listing of Product, Label Sizes Click Here

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