Made To Order Skin Care Products 

IMPORTANT - Each bulk product we sell is custom made to your requested specifications and as ALL orders are made Fresh from Base Ingredients when an order is placed - For this reason Order Cancellation Requests Made after bulk products are manufactured will incur a 75% Product Disposal Fee.

Please Please Please..... Sample Products Before Buying In Larger Quantities.

Fragrance Questions

After being flooded with requests to pre-fragrance our bulk lotion and cream base items we are now offering our base lotions and creams in a variety of fragrances and essential oils... Below we have hopefully preempted some of your concerns, as always if you have questions that are not covered below, please feel free to contact us

The cost of bulk product is greater when I select fragrance and place it into my cart - Why?
Our labor costs to produce a single gallon of fragranced product is nearly two and half times the cost of producing un-fragranced products. For this reason we do pass along a small part of those additional costs and include them in our pricing for fragrance and essential oil costs when you select to fragrance products. If you needed to cut your costs You may still purchase our bulk products at the low advertised prices in their unscented form.

Why do you fragrance some bulk products and not others?
Any product that requires heat to dispense (solid perfumes etc) would cause fragrance evaporation which would likely change the way a fragrance is perceived once it has cooled again... For this reason we cannot sell products of this type with fragrance..

Where can I get the exact fragrance which you use?
Just ask... We work with so many fragrance suppliers that there isn't a single supplier for all fragrances; so if you need the name of the fragrance and supplier feel free to contact us.

What is Your "Recommended or Standard Fragrance level"?
Our Recipes have taken many years to develop and although we don't like to give away our secrets what we can tell you is that our "Standard Recommended" Fragrance level is the same as the fragrance levels in our Retail and Wholesale Products... This Level of Fragrance has been perfected over Many years and is now at the level that we receive virtually no comments regarding fragrance being too strong or too weak.

Through experience we find that as everyone has different fragrance strength preference we know that we cannot please all the people all of the time.. Having said this - in well over 17,000 sales made to every entity from private individuals to retail outlets to hospitals and chain stores we have only received a handful of "I wish the fragrance was a little stronger/lighter" Comments. Again... Please order the samples - these are fragranced at the "Standard Recommended" Level and it will give you a better idea of our overall product.

$65.00 For Fragrance Samples Are you Mad!
These packs contain a ridiculous amount of fragrance samples - each sample consists of a few drops of fragrance or essential oil on a cotton liner enclosed in a small labeled ziploc pouch and Cost of Materials aside - It takes a single employee well over two hours to put together a single fragrance pack. If we charged any less we would have to cut this employee's salary. We have been told by this employee that this would be unacceptable :o(

Having Said All That...

Any time you place an order with us you may request up-to Five free fragrance swabs per order. Just request specific fragrance samples in Box Number 5 of our online order form or ask our friendly sales staff for fragrance samples when placing your order by phone before billing information is taken. We will happily include these samples with your shipment at no cost.

My Bulk Product arrived and I would like the fragrance a little stronger - what can I do?
Please Please Please order fragranced samples before buying any larger fragranced quantities. As we really can't do anything to help you under such circumstances - Purchasing A fragranced sample will allow you to get a REALLY good idea of the strength of fragrance that we use at STANDARD Level and you can adjust the strength to your needs (up-to 100% more) when you order larger quantities - Please Note that WE CANNOT adjust fragrance levels once the fragrance has been added and the lotion has cooled. And we do not accept any returns of bulk items for this reason as is indicated within our terms and conditions of sale .

If you notice that you would prefer more fragrance in your product you can still adjust the fragrance level on any future purchases.

Some Fragrances are Stronger than others Why is that?
Just as in nature many fragrances are lighter, and some more invasive than others. Airy Fragrances such as Freesia, or Ginger Lily etc are very light even in their un-diluted form whereas heavier fragrances such as English Rose etc. can be a little overbearing to some diluted to any level. Again - Please order fragranced samples before placing any larger order to get a thorough idea of our standard scenting levels.

My Lotion and Cream is changing color - What Gives?!
Your Bulk product is made from approximately 98% Natural Base Ingredients after your order is placed and we do not use ANY color stabilizing chemicals or dyes within our products. We make our products this way to ensure the highest quality, maximum nutrient level and to Ensure that you receive the longest possible shelf life of any product of this type.

The downside to doing business this way is that although you are receiving the freshest possible natural product - reactions between bulk products and additional fragrances or essential oils are still occurring from the moment they are added - to the moment all ingredients become accustomed to each other which may take up to 6 weeks. This may or may not include color variations over time and is a sign that your product is Freshly Made.

Even though a product's appearance may or may not change over time once a fragrance or an essential oil has been added - this is considered perfectly normal and does not in any way compromise the quality of the product on any level.

As discussed in the terms and conditions of sale - It is always better to contain natural skin care products in non transparent containers to prevent damage to nutrients and to prevent any unwarranted concern regarding any cosmetic changes within freshly made products.

Adding your own Fragrances or Essential Oils will not prevent these commonly occurring cosmetic changes within our more natural product. 

Will You Discontinue any Fragrance or Essential Oil listed as a Fragrance Option?

Not if we can help it... But it is always possible that a fragrance manufacturer will discontinue a particular fragrance listed or that an essential oil will become in very short supply.. This a gamble we all take when selecting a fragrance made by an outside source. We wish we could guarantee an inexhaustible supply of Fragrance or Essential Oils as we list them, but as we are at the mercy of outside suppliers we cannot guarantee or be held responsible for problems such as this...

Shelf Life

Natural products with very mild preservative systems are more difficult to safely handle than purely chemical products. With this said We do guarantee The Shelf Life of our bulk bases within our original packaging for one year from manufacture.

There are many optimists out there, (if you are one - Welcome)... And although some of our products have tested shelf lives much much longer than a year, we have to give nature her due and expect natural variations within ingredient batches and assume that real shelf lives for natural products are shorter than "the Best Case Scenario shelf lives"

For this reason - and to ensure you never run into any shelf life issues - we advertise the very conservative 1 year shelf life. Doing So we have never had any formulations fail in selling and using within this time frame. 

We suggest that you buy no more product than which can be sold within 6 months - this will give your client 6 months to use the product they have brought from you.

Excessive Mishandling, adding ingredients unhygienic bottling practices (blowing away specs of dust from inside jars etc.) can all lower any shelf life. Always use clean utensils and never touch the bulk of the product or any surface that comes in contact with the product (insides of jars, bottles, mixing bowls etc.) with bare skin or unsanitary utensils.

Adding Ingredients

Even though we are aware that many of you add ingredients to make these products "Yours" You can probably understand that Because we cannot test each product with every combination of every ingredient in every concentration - We cannot possibly guarantee any result when adding Your own ingredients to our bulk products other than fragrance or essential oils in advertised amounts..

Once you have added an ingredient. The product has become your creation and we cannot trouble-shoot any problem that you may experience or guarantee the shelf life and usability of the product.

Are Our Products Organic?

Even though we use many ingredients advertised to us as "organic", our products are not certified by the USDA as Organic.

Be aware that even though most skin care companies play by the rules, you should be wary of any company that states their products are organic to justify overly high prices. A product being sold or advertised as organic should bear an official USDA Seal to indicate it has been inspected and certified by the USDA as Organic.

To ensure you are not being taken advantage of - you should always request a copy of any USDA certificate before choosing to invest in any organic product.

Hygienic Handling

We have had very little negative feedback regarding our products, problems experienced are normally caused due to adding ingredients. However Hygiene is very important when handling any cosmetic.

Mishandling Our products, adding ingredients, unhygienic bottling practices can contaminate a product or lower any expected shelf life.

Even though we sanitize all of our own bulk product containers before filling them - Normally - Jars and bottles do not need to be washed as the preservatives in the products can handle a broad range of common bacteria. Having said this - The hardest bacteria for any cosmetic to handle is introduced by unhygienic human contact.

Always use clean utensils and never touch the bulk of the product or any surface that comes in contact with the product (insides of jars, bottles, mixing bowls etc.) with bare skin or unsanitary utensils.

Cosmetic Changes Within Products

Color changes from batch to batch is to be expected with a product that averages 98% natural ingredients. Having been in business for many years we can always count on one thing - Nature's Inconsistency. For this reason We do check each batch of product before it heads out of the door, and if for any reason we are not happy with a product that is to be sent out we will either re-batch a product or make another batch to ensure only quality product makes it out to our customers.

We are also aware that Certain fragrance and essential oils can react with our products causing variations in color. This is to be expected and colors may vary from tinted product using one batch of fragrance or essential oil to un-tinted the next..

Natural ingredients harvested at different times of the year, or from different areas of the world, Receiving more or less sun or rain fall... All of these things affect the crops that produce our ingredients. Any changes within the product due to EO or Ingredient Staining are purely cosmetic but can come as a surprise to those just breaking into this market.

Please note that color changes within product is not a reason to return product. Again - these color variations are to be expected with any more natural skin care product.

As with all of the more natural skin care products - it's always better to contain them in non-transparent packaging as this will hide any expected (or unexpected) changes in color.

Returning Bulk Product

As your product was created for you, and as for safety reasons we couldn't possibly re-sell any product that has been returned to us, we do not accept any returned product. If you have a problem with the product please call 1-800 341 2799 so we can find out how best to help you.

Only certain things can possibly go wrong within our formulas and If after talking with you - we suspect a manufacturing error we will happily send you replacement product.

Be aware that We take any manufacturing error extremely seriously - At our discretion we may perform tests on any product returned to quickly help identify the origin and type of any reported problem or contamination. These tests are expensive and if they determine that an introduced contaminant or excessive mishandling is to blame for the product's problems we would have to pass these costs along to the sender before allowing any future orders to be placed.

Cosmetic Jars and Bottles

Jar and Bottle Suppliers that do not require minimum orders:

Adding Fragrance

Scenting Bulk products may sound difficult only because it's hard to quickly explain - However - virtually all of our clients add their own fragrances to our bases and With very little practice, find it very easy to do.

Below I have included some links to fragrance and EO suppliers along with some information regarding scenting our products.

Fragrance Suppliers

You could add practically any kind of fragrance to any of our bulk products except for the Green Tea and Tea Tree Products as it already has a citrus fragrance or our Cocoa Butter products as they have a natural cocoa aroma .

You would want to start with small amounts of fragrance per gallon depending on the fragrance or essential oil and add a little more to each batch until you reach a desired level of fragrance.

To Add Fragrance to a single bottle of Lotion:

The best way to add fragrance and get our products into another bottle is to use a pail or jug pump.

Pump the lotion from the gallon jug into the bottle you are using to sell our products.

If you are scenting this product you can put an UNCAPPED 8oz bottle of lotion - or multiple evenly spaced bottles (add 30 seconds for each) - in a microwave with a turntable and heat the lotions up. (All lotions will become thinner when warmer and thicken when they cool back down) Add your Fragrance or Essential Oil when they are warm. Cap the bottle and give it a shake to incorporate the fragrance.

LOOSEN The Cap so seal is not airtight and Place warm bottles of lotion in front of a fan to cool down rapidly.

Wait until the bottle is fully cooled down before putting on your label.

The warming times in a microwave are dependant on it's power... Experiment to find an amount of time which will make the lotion manageable.

Scenting a Gallon Jug

Warm jug slowly in slow cooker filled with water) or in front of a ceramic fan - not too close for it to melt the plastic but just so the lotion gets warm and remember to give the bottle a shake every now and then so it warms evenly - when the lotion is warm enough throughout (thin consistency), you can add your fragrance or essential oils to the gallon jug and then just give it a shake to mix it..

When cooling this lotion down place it in front of a fan and remember to give it a shake every once in a while  until it's completely cool. This will stop any separation if you have accidentally made the lotion too hot.

if you have a good way to transfer product into the smaller bottles - You could also add fragrance to cold product in a mixing bowl...


Most creams will allow you to stir the fragrance or essential oils directly into them with little or no fuss.. If you are having a hard time getting fragrance or essential oils to properly blend with our products you can warm the cream and then add the oils to properly incorporate the fragrance or essential Oil.

To add Fragrance to a 4oz jar of cream...
Measure 4oz of bulk product into a four ounce jar, place in microwave for 15 seconds.. Stir desired amount of Fragrance or essential oil into the product.. Cover and allow product to cool before adding your label and tightening the lid.

The trick is - If you do need to warm our products to add your Fragrance or Essential Oils - Not to get the cream or lotion so hot that it turns liquid.. Oftentimes only a small amount of heating is required to make the product loose enough to easily incorporate fragrance.

Please be careful when handling hot product and when warming product to avoid accidents. If you have ANY Further Questions regarding scenting our product yourself Please Contact Us at 1-800 341 2799 as it is much easier to properly explain specifics in person.

Markup and Pricing

This is one of those things that is totally market dependent.. We are aware that 4oz jar of our goats milk cream will sell well at $20.00 in the right market, However you must have the customer base and clientele that can afford such luxuries.. Your best bet may be to Check prices on existing products in your area to get a feel for what people are paying for comparable products.

I'm sure that we will add to these FAQ's as time goes by. But until then - As Always - We Appreciate All of our Customers and We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. So, If you need any further information regarding our products please feel free to contact us.

Take Care and Thank You for Your Visit.
All the Best
Mark & Lisa Denham

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