The body mist base comes in two parts - 1 gallon of base and 4oz of Polysorbate with a pump cap. Or 5 gallons of base and 8oz of Polysorbate with a pump cap.

The quick way to make a single body mist would be to add one or two squirts from the bottle of the Polysorbate to the bottom of the empty 4oz bottle, then add between 1 and 2 grams of fragrance per finished product ounce - For Example: Add between 4 and 8 grams of fragrance per 4oz bottle - on top of the Polysorbate, then you slosh the mixture around at the bottom of the bottle to mix the two together - then pour in the base - cap it - shake it - done.

Or Formulate by adding fragrance up-to 5 times the weight of the polysorbate. For Example. Add 1 gram of polysorbate to (up-to) 5 grams of fragrance, mix those two together then add the body mist base on-top of the fragrance/polysorbate mixture, Blend it All together and pour it into bottles.

If we have made this sound more complicated than it needs to be I apologize as making body mists is the easiest thing to do; and once you have all of the ingredients in front of you, things will quickly fall into place.

Things to remember.
Keep everything you work with clean and sanitary and as these are water and oil based body mists these will very likely be cloudy in appearance so contain body mists in darker or opaque bottles.

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