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Natural products with very mild preservative systems are more difficult to safely handle than purely chemical products. With this said, We do guarantee The Shelf Life of our bulk bases within our original packaging for one year from manufacture.

We suggest that you buy no more product than which can be sold within 6 months or used within 6 months.

Excessive Mishandling of bulk products, adding ingredients unhygienic bottling practices (blowing away specs of dust from inside jars etc.) can all lower any shelf life. Always use clean utensils and never touch the bulk of the product or any surface that comes in contact with the product (insides of jars, bottles, mixing bowls etc.) with bare skin or unsanitary utensils.

We skin patch test all products leaving our facility - no product batch leaves our facility until it has been inspected and tested on our own skin first.

We physically inspect all batches of product for acceptable product thickness and texture..

We also check that products leaving our facilities are free of harmful microbiology, and we retain samples of each batch sold for a period of one-year or until the expiration date on the batch has been reached. We also perform random tests on batches to check for continued formulation stability and preservative efficacy.

However, Due to the natural variations in the ingredients we use in our more natural products, each batch of product we produce may vary to degrees. Also, aside from our products being advertised and sold beyond our control, it is also expected that our product will be handled, repackaged, reformulated and/or customized to one extent or another. As such, you-the customer are both the final step in manufacturing And the distributor. As such, any and all final testing to satisfy any and all of you-the-customer's individual testing requirements for final product usage or sale regarding any-and-all safety and suitability requirements, either ethically or by law, should be carried out by you-the-customer on each batch purchased.

It is you-the-customer's responsibility - as necessary, and by individual legal requirement depending on location and jurisdiction, to test products and generate all final paperwork on each batch of product you receive from Denham's Natural to prove all resale, use, and advertising claims - any and all final product safety, stability, or for-use analysis - any and all certificates of analysis - any and all safety data documentation and any and all additionally required testing and corresponding generation of documentation to cover any and all testing and corresponding documentation required to satisfy any and all local, state, federal, international or jurisdictional requirements.

Commercial/Reseller Liability and Insurance Information.

Products manufactured by us, but handled, advertised, or sold beyond our control, must be insured for resale to the extent required by state, and local requirements, by those third parties, commercial entities and resellers who either handle, advertise, or re-sell our products. 
The reasons for this are vast, but even in our own experience we have learned that some have mishandled our products, mislabeled our products, not carried out their own testing after handling and modification of our products, have made exaggerated and unethical claims regarding our products, and have sold our products YEARS past their "use by" date. As such, we cannot guarantee - in any way - the quality of products which have been handled, advertised, or sold, by re-sellers or third parties. This as we have no ability - whatsoever - to control how our products are handled, advertised or sold by those re-sellers and third parties after they are purchased.
If you are a commercial entity or are planning to distribute or resell our product - in any way - Please consult your insurance carrier to include our products under your own policies before purchasing any products to distribute or re-sell.