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We vigorously retain control over our brand name, how it is used, and how our products and services are advertised. As such; We do not allow the use of our trade name "Denham's Natural", or our logo or intellectually protected descriptive content to be used within any outside entity's label design or advertising.

As we cannot control how outside parties present their products outside parties May Not use our trade name within label designs or associate the brand name Denham's Natural within any outside independent product advertising in any way.

As we cannot control the way outside companies advertise or label our repackaged products We do not accept any liability of any kind  for product that has been re-packaged by outside companies, re-labeled by outside companies, or advertised by outside companies.

Denial of Future Sales Due to Legal Complicity.

For the protection of the end consumer; If we become aware of any outside company misusing our product by falsely labeling or inappropriately advertising our product under their own label or brand name - to prevent complicity - we retain the right to refuse further sales to those entities until we become aware that those entities are again responsibly packaging and advertising our product.