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We recommend that you order samples of our bulk bases before ordering any base or item you are unfamiliar with. Our Bulk samples represent the feel and texture you can expect from our products, however, due to the large percentage of natural ingredients used in our products, the thickness due to heat and cold, and color changes from batch to batch are to be expected. 

Sample Products are not designed in any way to be a resalable product. Samples are sold for the express purpose of giving you, the customer, an idea of the product you wish to purchase in bulk, before making the larger purchase.

To ensure that samples provide an average representation in texture, odor, and appearance of the bulk products they represent, sample materials are comprised of mixed or combined batch remnants of that particular product.

As no "sample batch" is of a unique source, no batch or lot number can be assigned to samples, as such, all samples are sold without warranty of any kind, shelf life of samples may be limited, but we will replace unaltered defective sample materials 30 days from purchase.

All fragrances used within our products are chosen carefully by us for their authenticity. As each manufacturer of cosmetic products are likely to use a different fragrance supplier; Please be aware that any fragrance used to manufacture our own products May not be exactly the same as that used by another product brand marketing products under the same fragrance which you may have previously used. Fragrance samples are available upon following the guidelines laid out here.