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All products we manufacture carry a one year quality assurance guarantee from date of sale, and replacement or refund may be issued within the conditions set forth in these terms of sale.

If you have any problem with any Denham's Natural product please call 1-800 341 2799 so we can find out how best to help you.

Only certain things can possibly go wrong within our formulas and If after talking with you - we suspect a manufacturing error - for a period not exceeding within one full year from the purchased product's invoice date we will happily refund or replace product under conditions set forth these terms.

Be aware that We take any manufacturing error extremely seriously - At our discretion we reserve the right to Require product to be returned to us, at our cost, to perform tests and to quickly help identify the origin and type of any reported problem or contamination. These tests are expensive and if they determine that an introduced contaminant or excessive mishandling is to blame for the product's problems - we will pass all these costs along to the sender.

As a Manufacturer we do not redistribute any returned products. Products Found Defective due to manufacturing error will be replaced, or money only in the amount of the original product cost refunded at our discretion.

In the case of monetary refund this monetary refund shall not in any instance and for any reason exceed the original purchase price of the defective product as charged to the consumer at the time the product was purchased. This manufacturer's warranty shall be honored under these terms at our discretion on any product not living up to our original promise of product quality, shelf life, and usability as has been set forth in these terms of sale.

Non- Refundable Products

As your product was specifically created for you after your order has been placed, and as for safety reasons we couldn't possibly re-sell any product that has been returned to us, we do not accept returned product for the reasons stated below.

We cannot be held responsible and will not refund for incidents where the customer accidentally orders the wrong product, not liking the appearance of a product, not liking the color or scent of the product, or where the customer encounters shelf life issues which may occur due to mishandling or upon instances of third party contamination or where products are found to be altered in any way.

Any unauthorized return of product may be disposed of without compensation

Discretionary Refunds.

At our discretion we may choose to offer full refund on any sale but where a discretionary refund is deemed necessary and where a discretionary refund is requested but falls outside of our terms of sale, then the discretionary refund would be considered administered outside of these terms of sale, which will then negate any future ability of the recipient of the refund  to place orders with us.

Not under any circumstance or for any reason will refunds, monetary compensation, or other; discretionary or otherwise, exceed the original purchase price of the products for which refund is issued beyond the customer cost for those products in question and as indicated within the original order for those product at time placed and as stated on our invoice copy.