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  2. 13. Hygienic Handling of Bulk Products

We have had very little negative feedback regarding our products, problems experienced are normally caused due to adding ingredients. However Hygiene is very important when handling any cosmetic.

Mishandling Our products, adding ingredients, unhygienic bottling practices can contaminate a product or lower any expected shelf life.

Even though we sanitize all of our own bulk product containers before filling them - Normally - Jars and bottles do not need to be washed as the preservatives in the products can handle a broad range of common bacteria. Having said this - The hardest bacteria for any cosmetic to handle is introduced by unhygienic human contact.

Always use clean utensils and never touch the bulk of the product or any surface that comes in contact with the product (insides of jars, bottles, mixing bowls etc.) with bare skin or unsanitary utensils.