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  2. 12. Cosmetic Changes Within Products

Color changes from batch to batch is to be expected with a product that averages 98% natural ingredients. Having been in business for many years we can always count on one thing - Nature's Inconsistency. For this reason We do check each batch of product before it heads out of the door, and if for any reason we are not happy with a product that is to be sent out we will either re-batch a product or make another batch to ensure only quality product makes it out to our customers.

We are also aware that Certain essential oils can react with our products causing variations in color. This is to be expected and colors may vary from tinted product using one batch of essential oil to un-tinted the next..

Natural ingredients harvested at different times of the year, or from different areas of the world, Receiving more or less sun or rain fall... All of these things affect the crops that produce our ingredients. Any changes within the product due to EO or Ingredient Staining are purely cosmetic but can come as a surprise to those just breaking into this market.

Please note that color changes within product is not a reason to return product. Again - these color variations are to be expected with any more natural skin care product.

For the Re-Packaging of our bulk products - As with all of the more natural skin care products - it's always better to contain them in non-transparent packaging as this will hide any expected (or unexpected) changes in color.