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Unless Notified All Shipping costs for your order are processed and calculated online..

If for whatever reason we encounter problems processing and calculating shipping charges online we will place your order on hold and contact you with the updated order totals including shipping charges. At this time you can choose to continue or cancel your order.

Shipping Times and Estimates

All of our products are made to order when an order is placed. Keeping this in mind..

Larger wholesale and bulk product orders will usually ship within 2-3 business days but very large wholesale type orders for large quantities of retail units - or very large orders for bulk products - or orders which require large quantities of fragrance (fragranced gallons of product) may (as an extreme example) take up-to 15 business days to ship as we order in the necessary fresh ingredients to fill your order, process your order and manufacture your order.

Normally - Smaller orders received before 8.00am Arizona Time will normally be made the same day and ship the Following Business Day.

Smaller Orders placed after 8.00am should ship the following Day (within 2 business days of placement). We do not process orders, or ship on Saturdays or Sundays and national (bank) holidays.

1st of November through December 31st...
Due to increased demand for our products during the Christmas season, Usual Shipping of all Retail sales may take up to 2 business days to ship. Bulk and Wholesale Orders will Usually ship within 2 to 5 Business Days from order placement.

If we expect any delay in processing your order past these estimated guidelines we will contact you within one business day of order placement. If you need a better idea of shipping time on your order, please contact us before placing your order.

Transit times as indicated within our shopping cart are provided to us by each carrier as typical delivery times within the continental U.S. As all transit time estimates are provided by each shipping carrier for each service indicated, Actual Transit times may vary and delivery of your products are completely under the control of the Shipping Carrier that You Choose.

Delays or problems experienced during transit are rare but do happen, and while we understand that any type of delay can be annoying Be Aware that We cannot be held responsible for any delays which fall beyond any estimated transit time once your order has been passed on to Your Choice of Shipping Carriers for delivery.

Lost items must be traced by the carrier. We will do everything we can to ensure you receive your products, but we must have resolution of status (loss or damage) before we can reship your product.

In regards to claiming a lost package through the United States Postal Service. Proof of Loss will take no less than 30 days from mailing and UPS can take up to 10 days for resolution after loss has been reported.

If you are in a rush to receive your order please contact us before placing any order for advise on how we may best help to ensure that you receive your purchases before your deadline.

We do send tracking information for each order shipped. If your order is delayed beyond your expected delivery date please contact your choice of carriers referencing the tracking numbers we provide for more information. If you did not receive a tracking number for your order please feel free to contact us for this information.

International Shipping Policies

Due to the fact that all of our packages seem to look sinister traveling through an X-Ray Machine AND after Having our shipments held at customs for 3 months in the past we have unfortunately been forced to limit our shipments to within the United States. We may Offer international shipping in the future, but at this time we cannot accept any international orders.

Shipping Insurance

All packages are insured for the full value of the contents.

Damaged Packages Due to Transit

If you should receive a damaged parcel or package you must notify us and the carrier immediately so we may claim the damage through the shipping carrier and ship you a replacement order. For us to replace damaged products You MUST Retain the original products in the original packaging to enable the carrier to inspect the damage - We will notify you when the product can be safely thrown away.

Important! - If you have thrown away the damaged products or packaging we cannot help you in replacing the damaged items.

We can not be held responsible for damage caused by the shipping carrier and cannot reship your order overnight just because damage was caused by the shipping company. While we sympathize, we do pack orders with very strong boxes, bubble wrap, extra tape, packing peanuts and plastic bags and paper but sometimes shipping carriers can still manage to destroy a box during transport.

We will replace product and reship your order once we receive information regarding exactly what needs to be replaced from the carrier, but we will re-ship only via the method that was originally requested on the original order. If you want a faster method, you can pay the difference and we are happy to ship according to your wishes. We just can not pay for that difference.

If We have made a shipping error, we will reship products to you as quickly as we can via the method you originally chose. If you the customer have made a shipping address error, you - the customer are responsible for the additional costs for address correction (normally a $10 fee to re-route a package to a different address in transit) charged by UPS - and passed onto you when this fee is billed to us..

If you the customer refuses their shipment, the order is considered a non-authorized return and will incur a 75% Disposal Fee plus retention of all shipping and handling charges.

ALL shipping on orders is non-refundable unless UPS Overnight, 2 Day or 3 Day is used and the carriers guarantee is not met.

While we pack your order with extreme care, the shipping carrier can sometimes still damage the orders. In that event please inspect all packages at the time of acceptance and should you be missing any products or receive goods damaged in-transit, carefully verify the extent of damage in the presence of the driver, if possible, keeping all packing materials and box intact, then notify Us after you have called the shipping carrier so we may start a claim and begin the process of re-shipping damaged items.

If the driver is already gone, then you will need to contact the shipping carrier to inspect the damage or loss to start the claim before a replacement can be sent. New items will be shipped as soon as damaged or missing items have been returned to or verified by us or a Claim number has been issued to us by the carrier.

If you are in a rush, then we suggest that you call us or the shipping carrier immediately to help expedite the process. You must retain the original packing materials until any claim is resolved. If you discard the damaged goods, there may be no refund or credit by the carrier due the fact that the claim to damage will not be able to be verified.

Beginning a claim process should only take a couple days before new items can start to be re-manufactured and re-shipped unless the order is lost in transit. Lost items must be traced by the carrier and can take up to 10 days for resolution.

Please don't vent at us if the shipping company makes a mistake. We will do everything we can to get you your product to you as soon as possible, but we must have resolution of status from the carrier before we can reship.

Returned Shipments

If UPS or USPS has difficulty delivering your shipment, you must make arrangements for proper delivery with us or with the carrier before your shipment is returned to us. UPS Will return packages after 3 delivery attempts, USPS immediately upon insufficient delivery data, it is you-the customer's responsibility to properly provide a correct deliverable shipping address upon checkout or make arrangements with UPS to pick-up your package before the package is returned to us. Shipments Returned to us will be held for reshipment at customer cost, All costs associated with retuning the package to our facility will be charged to customer.

Shipping cost adjustments and administration charges

We will charge a $10.00 fee to cover administration and order adjustment costs in addition to any and all adjusted charges assessed to us by the carrier if misrepresentation of delivery address type occurs either knowingly or unknowingly at checkout.

It is your responsibility to know if you qualify for commercial delivery address rates. Even quite large businesses can be classed as "residential" by UPS because of location.. For More information please contact UPS Before checkout to see if your business address qualifies as a "commercial" delivery address.