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Arizona State Recipients of our product will be assessed a total of 7.6% State Sales Tax on all product ordered. Taxes will not be assessed on shipping costs.

If you are an Arizona business and wish to have state sales tax removed from your order you must complete an AZ Form 5000 which can be downloaded from here: http://www.azdor.gov/Forms/TPT.aspx

Fill this form out completely. You must date this form  from the expected first sale date until the end of the calender year and mail this to us at:

Denham's Natural
P.O. Box 3242
Payson AZ 85547

For continued tax exemption we will Require an AZ Form 5000 completed with us and on file for each calender year for which you wish to continue to make purchases with us.

We do not Collect Out of State Sales Tax.

You the Purchaser and/or Receiver; by completing any purchase for product through Denham's Natural directly by fax, phone, email or postal mail, or by submitting any order for processing through this website, or by any other means buy or receive product or services ordered or gifted directly through Denham's Natural. Agrees to accept all responsibility to pay any and all required state, county, country or local taxes your local, state, county or country governments of residence require that you pay regarding all aspects of any sale submitted or received via direct purchasing from Denham's Natural.

Basically - if you should be paying any type of taxes on any purchases made through us - you are responsible to do so.